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Gräf & Lantz, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

Everything that leaves our factory is personal.

100% of our production is based in Los Angeles, California

They said it, not us

"Unfortunately, I've developed a massive wool addiction."

Marci H.

“This Brand is so Handsome and Functional and Holds up forever. Not only is it uber chic, it makes you feel confident just carrying it.”

Adrienne S.

“I'd like to buy another one of your beautiful bags.....their endurance is unsurpassed: I use mine daily and still get compliments more than 2 years on!”   

Susan W.

“From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the art and beauty you continue to bring into the world. There are different kinds of art: yours brings joy!”

Jacqui L.

“I look forward to acquiring a few more pieces from you. I get so many compliments on that backpack. Love the colorways and craftsmanship. The minimalism. Thank you!”

Courtney P.

“I like the unique shape and the blend of textures on this bag. It carries all my essentials, including my laptop and my makeup bag”

Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper & Magnolia)

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