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Los Angeles, CA

Tile Trivet Large Square

Color: Heather White


Proving form and function can be best friends, our Table Tiles offer endless mix, match and setting options for a variety of styles designed to make every surface a reflection of individuality.

Why is merino wool felt ideal for tabletop? No other fiber—manmade or natural—can quite match merino’s unique properties.

1. Water Resistant & Water Wicking: merino has the unique ability to draw moisture into the core of the wool fiber so moisture sticks to the felt and doesn’t penetrate through to surfaces.

2. Naturally Stain Resistant.

3. Heat Protective and Insulating: Read perfect for hot pots, pans and dishes.

4. Durable and Surprisingly Lightweight : the superfine fibers of Merino wool lend it such softness, it’s hard to believe how durable it is. And the fibers’ curly texture and unique composition make this wool remarkably light.

5. High Pigment yet Colorfast & Lightfast material.

6. Antibacterial & Odor-Resistant. Merino wool contains lanolin and keratin, which give it antimicrobial properties.

7. Resistant to Pilling. Pilling is a natural phenomenon that occurs when shorter fibers work their way to the surface of a fabric. Due to the unique qualities of merino wool’s resilient fibers, it develops far fewer pills than any other wool.

8. Soft & Luxurious hand for scratch-free surfaces.

9. A Sustainable & Natural Material. Merino Wool is rapidly renewable, biodegradable, recyclable and can be produced naturally.

10. Their clean and minimal execution offers an unexpected textural and refined modern heritage element to any home decor.

For more tips on cleaning and care please refer to our Care Page


12'' x 12'' 5mm Merino wool felt

Made in USA

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Item #: 4332HW

Why We Love Felt

Wool felt is completely water safe. Water does not alter the look or performance of the felt in any way.

Water Resistance

Merino fibers are the thinnest of all wool varieties creating a surprisingly soft texture that has become synonymous with merino quality.

Softness & Durability

Our merino fibers are sealed in the dying process to create a natural barrier against stains. Read more about how to care for your felt product

Stain Resistance

Merino wool is rapidly renewable, biodegradable, recyclable and can be produced naturally with minimal negative impact

Sustainable & Renewable

The same thermal functions that protect from heat work to insulate and keep things cool. It’s breathable and soft

All Season Weather

All Graf Lantz felt is certified to OEKO-TEX® International standards. No toxic residue. No odor. No worries. Kid, pet, and food safe

OEKO-TEX® Natural Dyes

Our Los Angeles factory is the engine of the Graf Lantz dream locomotive. It’s filled by a talented team of craftspeople working to deliver the best quality and fair trade production

Responsibly Made in LA

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