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Gräf & Lantz, Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

Professional Product for Gifting and Businesses

For corporations, nonprofits, educational institutions, or any business entity looking to source special personalized product made in the USA.

Graf Lantz is one of the rare vertically integrated accessories design companies to expand and fiercely maintain its manufacturing in Los Angeles. We have our own factory and studio offering exciting opportunities for professional products.

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Who we work with

  • Corporations and Business
  • Nonprofits
  • Hospitality
  • Gifting
  • Educational Institutions
    • Universities, Prep Schools, etc.
    • University Bookstore
    • Alumni and Student Product
    • Sports Team
Graf Lantz Coaster


  • Exclusive and personalization opportunities of current product
  • Potential custom development - colors, materials, shapes
  • We offer:
Foil stampingFoil stamping
Laser EngravingLaser Engraving
Heat TransferHeat Transfer