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Woman wearing Bedford Merino Wool Felt Bag | Graf Lantz

Women's Sustainable Bags

Find your new favorite bag. 

Our collection of bags are made by hand in our Los Angeles based factory with all premium materials with beauty, innovation, utility and sustainability all in mind.

    Sustainable Bags For All Occasions

    No outfit is complete without a bag. Whether you're making a trip to your local farmer's market, headed to work, or leaving on a weekend getaway, a bag is a must for carrying your items and adding a little extra something to your outfit.

    Our selection of sustainable women's bags is an affordable, luxurious way to add more high-quality accessories to your everyday wear.

    Felted Wool Bags

    When it comes to creating sustainable purses, there's no better material than merino wool felt.

    The merino fibers we choose are the thinnest, strongest, and most elastic of all wool varieties. This gives our women's tote bags an instantly recognizable look while also contributing to the durability and superior quality of our sustainable tote bags.

    Merino wool felt is an amazing material for our sustainable bags because it's:

    • Naturally hydrophilic, so a surprise sprinkle won't ruin your purse
    • Stain and dirt resistant (plus easy to clean), so your bag will always look its best
    • Durable yet lightweight, so you can fill your bag with everything you need for the day
    • Renewable, so it can be produced naturally with minimal negative impact

    The versatility and durability of merino wool felt allows us to create sustainable bags in all your favorite styles, like:

    The Hana Merino Wool Felt Boat Bag that makes a statement while fitting all your needs for a day out.

    Our best-selling Bedford Merino Wool Felt Backpack with a unique three-way design that's ideal for bringing to the office.

    The Bedford Merino Wool Felt Satchel that's just the right size for an ideal day bag and fits e-readers and tablets, water bottles, and wallets.

    The Bedford Merino Wool Felt Belt Bag is ultra-versatile to accommodate all your essentials and is surprisingly spacious for a belt bag.

    You can't go wrong with a felt bag for your everyday needs.

    Net Market Tote

    Whether you're headed to the grocery store or the local farmer's market, you'll always want to keep this net market tote on hand to help safely carry home your goods.

    Made with 100% cotton, The Ami is great for groceries, casual days out, and beach days or to throw in your bag or car for those times, unseen or planned, you need another tote. It conveniently collapses into its own pouch for easy storage that also becomes a pocket for your keys and phone when in use.

    Canvas Tote Bags

    Add another sustainable bag to your collection with a canvas tote bag. Our favorites include the Hana Canvas Boat Bag that's beautifully hand-dyed to capture the changing light of warm afternoons. This upscale market bag can carry everything you need on a day out shopping or catching up with friends.

    Or consider the smaller Hana Canvas Tote that can add a pop of color to your outfit and is the perfect size for everyday use.

    No matter which sustainable bag you choose, you can wear it confidently knowing that it was made in the US with the highest-quality, sustainable materials.

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